E   cellent Tooling and Precision Machined Parts Since 1941

NEDCO owner Dax with his parents, Shelley and Joe
New England Die Co., Inc. (NEDCO) was established in 1941 specializing in carbide tooling. We have earned a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality, service, and dependability.

Over the years, however, the operation has developed an additional complete and diverse capability in the manufacture of specialized tooling for a broad range of applications. These include medical systems, automotive industry, appliance applications, electronic systems, and tool and die. This has become a major activity at NEDCO, and our operation has the facilities, equipment, and experienced personnel to meet the most exacting customer needs. We continuously update our equipment in order to meet the complex requirements of our customers. Evidence of this is our acquisition of an AGIE Ecellence 2F Wire EDM System, the world’s most accurate wire EDM system capable of 60 millionth contour accuracy and 3/4 RMS finishes as well as an AGIE Form 30 CNC RAM EDM System.

A tour of the NEDCO machining facility reveals sophisticated, specialized equipment operated by highly skilled craftsmen. The finest CNC turning and vertical machining centers are here, along with manual lathes, mills, and grinders. The close-tolerance CNC machines are directly connected to a network on which engineering and programming are accomplished utilizing a variety of CAD/CAM systems. Machine operators work in a clean, well-managed, temperature-controlled plant.

NEDCO provides its customers with the best parts possible, delivered on time, at reasonable prices.