NEDCO owner Dax with his parents, Shelley and Joe
Since 1941, the name NEDCO has been synonymous with superior precision tooling exhibiting unmatched attention to detail. We are proud to continue that tradition as we grow our technology base.

We are an extension of your toolroom. This has been a tagline of ours for years but it’s never been more true. The technology race is on and there really are no winners in the game. The race is never ending and you need to keep up. Here’s where NEDCO can help. We can add a level of technology to your organization that you may not have or may not be current with. As an example, most recently we’ve added CNC grinding to our capabilities. It was a very significant, although very necessary, investment for us. It’s here and fully functional, so take advantage of it.

A tour of the NEDCO machining facility reveals sophisticated, specialized equipment operated by highly skilled craftsmen. The finest CNC turning and vertical machining centers are here, along with manual lathes, mills, and grinders. The close-tolerance CNC machines are directly connected to a network on which engineering and programming are accomplished utilizing a variety of CAD/CAM systems. Machine operators work in a clean, well-managed, temperature-controlled plant.

NEDCO provides its customers with the best parts possible, delivered on time, at reasonable prices.

Over 75 Years
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Every Detail
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